Pet Sitter

Are you a London based pet-parent who is planning a trip? If so, I might be able to be of service, as in parallel to my Archive life I provide residential pet care in the Metropolitan area.

I love cats and dogs and as I’m currently working from home, I can be a good buddy to either. If you need a sitter after that and live in London zones 1 – 2, get in touch.

A bit of background

I’d house-sat many times on my travels, from Kathmandu to Shetland. But I started doing it more seriously in early 2019, when I was living in Bristol but work began to draw me more and more to London. Initially it was just a way to afford to stay in the city while I was on freelance contracts, but by the time I’d decided to shift over to London permanently, pet-sitting was working out brilliantly and I’ve just run with it.

A good Archivist (which I like to think I am…) is honest, responsible, organised, contemplative, resourceful and empathetic. Qualities which also make a good housesitter, I reckon. I recently took a first-aid training course and as part of that obtained Enhanced DBS certification, so I’m verifiably trustworthy! I’m also a non-smoker.

In summary: a low maintenance gal who enjoys a quiet night in with pet snuggles.

Here are some of my pet friends, and reviews: