Waverley / ABC, Glasgow

18 Moss-side Road, Glasgow, G41 3TN

Architect: Watson, Salmond & Gray   Listing: A-Listed (1992)   No of Seats: 1,320

Status: Other   Opened: 1922   Closed: 1973

Other information:

The Category A-listed Waverley was opened on Christmas Day 1922 by Shawlands Picture House Ltd. Architects Watson, Salmond & Gray, seating 1,320. Site of the meeting of the Website Information Coordinator’s Grandparents, who were Projectionist and Usherette in the 1930s.

Renamed the ABC in 1964, it remained as a cinema until 1973.

Use as a bingo hall followed, and then a snooker club from 1982. It was derelict in 2002, and was then sold to the G1 Group, who turned it into the bar / restaurant / club called Tusk, and a cafe called the Waverley Tearoom. Both have since closed and of February 2018 the building was empty.

Exterior as the ABC above courtesy of ‘dusashenka’
Older facade pictures here or here, and an exterior in 1980 as a bingo hall here, courtesy Chris Doak.

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