Toledo / ABC, Glasgow

380 Clarkston Road, Glasgow, G44 3JL

Architect: William Beresford Inglis / Howard & Unick   Listing: B-Listed (1991)   No of Seats: 1,598

Status: Facade only   Opened: 1933   Closed: 2001

Other information: Opened 2.10.33 by Toledo Picture House Company. (WB Inglis). Arch. WB Inglis. s. 1,598. Sold to ABC, 7.10.34. Renamed, 20.7.70. Tripled, 25.2.82. Arch. . s. 408, 208, 92. Screen 3 cl. 1.88. Cl. 21.10.2001. Derelict in 1.02. B-listed.

Built 1933 by Architect William Beresford Inglis – who also built other cinemas, as well as the very cinema-like Beresford Hotel, now the Beresford Flats. Originally seating 1598, the auditorium tripled in 1982 (by Howard & Unick architects); new Cinema 1 comprised the original circle area with a new screen – 482 seats, Cinema 2 – 208 seats in old front stalls, using original proscenium opening, and Cinema 3 – 90 seats in rear stalls.

The last ABC cinema in Glasgow closed 21st October 2001.

Very run-down inside at time of closure, heating had been broken for over a month. Some of the original atmospheric internal decoration survived on the side walls of the auditorium. Many of the original fittings – doors, windows, lights etc. were still in place at the time of closure.

Everything except the facade has been demolished, and new flats were constructed behind that. Additional windows have been added to the frontage. The entrance foyer to the flats feature reproductions of some of the decorative features rescued from the auditorium, and a couple of tiles and light-fittings.

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