Tivoli / Classic, Glasgow

53 Crow Road, Glasgow, G11 7SH

Architect: Denny & Blain   Listing: None   No of Seats: 1,915

Status: Demolished   Opened: 1929   Closed: 1973

Other information:

Opened in April 1929, the Tivoli seated 1,915. It was designed by the Dumbarton-based architects Denny and Blain for the Thomas Ormiston chain.

At some point after 1930, the exterior was extended forward to create a larger entrance hall. Projection was from the rear of the stalls, and there was a large open hallway behind the balcony. The auditorium featured side boxes.

It was sold to the Classic chain and renamed Classic in 1967; it finally closed in February 1972, and became a County bingo hall.

The Tivoli was demolished in the late 1990s, and housing built on the site.

Photo above c.1980, courtesy Chris Doak

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