Savoy, Cambuslang

52-58 Main Street, Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire, G72 7EP

Architect: John Fairweather   Listing: C-Listed (2008)   No of Seats: Unknown

Status: Closed as a Cinema – Building Repurposed – Pub  Opened: 1928   Closed: c.early 1960s.

Other information:

Savoy Cinema was built in 1929 for a local company, probably as a cinema primarily but including facilities for theatre use. The architect was John Fairweather, who was the house architect for the Green’s cinema chain, although this particular cinema did not initially have any link with that chain.

Fairweather’s influences were more neo-classical than art deco, and his cinema interiors, including the Cambuslang Savoy, usually had giant columns along the sidewalls. The classical, monumental facade is a landmark on the Main Street, and is currently a rather garish shade of yellow. It became a bingo hall, probably in the early 60s, and was renamed Vogue, although it later reverted to the Savoy name. Ran by an independent bingo company, the interior was relatively unspoiled, although the engraved glass shop fronts flanking the main entrance have since been replaced.

Gary Painter of the the CTA and this website was instrumental in getting this cinema C-Listed in 2008.

Opened as a Wetherspoons Pub in 2015, named after the architect. The opening ceremony was conducted by John Fairweather’s grandson, which you can read more about here.

An extensive gallery of recent interior images can be seen on the Weatherspoons website here:

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